Opinion Line Extra (July 31)

07/31/2013 12:00 AM

07/30/2013 5:35 PM

No offense to local Catholics, but I can’t keep from chuckling when I hear Pope Francis and Copacabana beach mentioned in the same sentence.

I read that 4 out of 5 adults are in poverty. I thought the president was growing the middle class.

If on my high school football team half of the squad on the field didn’t try because they disagreed with the play our quarterback called, the townsfolk would have despised them. The president is our quarterback intent on winning for our country, but the Republicans in Congress refuse to play.

Thank you, Charles Koch, for reminding me that capitalism was invented so royalty could keep hold of their money, power and heads.

I’ll “get over” the Kochs’ money when they stop using it to buy politicians who want to run my life. I want less government control, in other words. How conservative of me.

When it comes to the Koch brothers, it is pure envy of the money they have and their personal and professional success. Those who claim something different are blatant liars and cannot even be honest with themselves.

I seriously doubt if Charles Koch worries too much about what uninformed people have to say.

You know the difference between Bill Gates and the Koch brothers? Gates is trying to help poor people around the world, and the Koch brothers are trying to take from the poor people. A very big difference.

I would sooner have the Kochs in charge of everything than this clown in the White House. The country would be rolling again instead of up on blocks. The poor wouldn’t be getting poorer.

Fast-food restaurants and places like Walmart shouldn’t be thought of as career options. Get a job someplace else if you want more money.

Once we get the price of domestic crude oil to $300 a barrel, the wind farms will begin to make sense (though they still will not turn a profit).

It is impossible to believe Americans think we should chuck our culture. However that is exactly what will happen if we throw up our hands and say we are unwilling to control our borders. If we sink to that level, we will have a sub-nation of foreigners living here.

If you think whether or not you can be racist has anything to do with your skin color, you’re a racist. How is that not obvious?

So much of the news we get today is read to us by newspeople who have no actual knowledge of the story or the participants. Therefore, they are completely ignorant of any inaccuracies or typos in the story.

If a two-stair stepper can learn consideration and compassion, can a person with loud motorcycle exhausts do the same?

I had no idea my two-stair-stepping comment would raise such a fuss. Way to step up, people.

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