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July 30, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (July 30)

Democrats want to help the less fortunate by bringing them up. Socialists want to help the less fortunate by tearing others down.

Democrats want to help the less fortunate by bringing them up. Socialists want to help the less fortunate by tearing others down.

Reagan implemented mostly the correct policies and our economy grew like crazy. Obama has implemented mostly the wrong policies and our economy has barely grown for five years. Enough said.

After years of liberal, Democratic rule, Detroit has declared bankruptcy. Too many getting a living they didn’t earn. The forecast is for many more of the same – big cities and some states. Hang on, it’s going to get ugly.

Detroit has declared bankruptcy not because of unions or pensions, but because American automakers have produced nothing but junk cars for the past 50 years and finally destroyed the economy.

Capitalism has exceeded expectations. America has more self-reliant individuals than history has ever seen. We enjoy an unsurpassed lifestyle. The Bible teaches the poor will always be with us. However, we have opportunities to realize our potential. How fortunate we are to live in the USA.

Have voters’ expectations for our elected officials fallen so low that the voters of New York City would even consider electing a sexual predator as their mayor?

I want Fox News to tell us what the Democrats have done right (no, not that right) lately and the New York Times to tell us what Republicans have done right lately. The silence could be deafening.

Those talking heads on MSNBC are sick in the head, insane or both.

One of the jurors thought George Zimmerman got away with murder. If she felt that way, why did she vote to free him? She is stirring up a hornets’ nest when there is already unrest.

Did George Zimmerman identify himself to Trayvon Martin as the neighborhood watchman when he came within talking distance? If so, it seems highly unlikely that Martin would react violently when presented with such identification.

The NRA says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I agree. Trayvon Martin was the good guy without a gun, and the bad guy prevailed.

Evidently, to many in this country, justice can be defined as revenge.

Can someone tell me where Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s churches are? Where do they preach? Where do they get their money? The IRS needs to look into their financial statements.

I’m buying Matt Lauer a set of Paula Deen cookware. No one can stir a pot like he can, from Deen to Trayvon Martin and, no doubt, to be continued.

In America, speaking English is now obviously a racist act.

I am sick of hearing about politics. Why can’t we just send the bureaucrats home and live life for a while? Don’t we have enough laws to last a lifetime? Why do we always need more? Just enjoy life.

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