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July 30, 2013

Opinion Line (July 30)

If the unions aren’t careful they will run Spirit AeroSystems out of Wichita, just as they did Boeing.

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If the unions aren’t careful they will run Spirit AeroSystems out of Wichita, just as they did Boeing.

Take a close look at the people Spirit laid off – knowledgeable employees of a certain age who made the mistake of being loyal to their employer and making too much money. It’s cheaper to hire inexperienced fresh faces. But, oh, no, it’s not ageism.

Spirit CEO Jeff Turner got parties and hosannas as he went out the door. The people just laid off got no notice, no parties and no chance to say “goodbye” to anyone. If that is Spirit executives’ definition of “dignity and respect,” they should be ashamed of themselves.

I wonder how the 360 people Spirit dumped are feeling about the economic recovery that the administration is so proud of?

If you want to see the consequences of declining education in Kansas, just read the Opinion Line – Democrats and Republicans bickering as if they still believe there’s a difference between the two parties. Both parties want to take power from you and give it to someone else.

Add guarding the pope to the list of world’s hardest jobs. He is a truly a pope of the people. He will make his security guards nervous wrecks.

By building wind farms, Kansas has turned a disliked attribute into a desirable product. Unfortunately, wherever windmills spring up, along comes a Don Quixote – a misled individual who suffers from a unique and questionable view of the world. And that, my children, is how we get a Kris Kobach.

Why is it that the Wichita City Council and Sedgwick County Commission can forgive a $78,000 taxpayer loan? That decision should be up for a vote by the Sedgwick County taxpayers.

Is the city waiting for someone to be killed before installing a stoplight at the exit of I-235 and West Street? Apparently the person in charge of placing lights has never tried to exit that ramp at peak travel times.

Hey, farmers: My vehicle pays road taxes. Your tractor doesn’t. Perhaps you should pull over, like your grandfather use to do.

I hope and pray the two-stair stepper can learn consideration and compassion.

I’ll bet that two-stair stepper is the same boor who honks at me because I don’t go faster than the speed limit on Kellogg.

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