Opinion Line Extra (July 29)

07/29/2013 12:00 AM

07/26/2013 5:24 PM

“Stand your ground” laws allow gun owners to get away with murder, especially when the victim is pursued in defiance of police orders.

Come on, Mr President. Quit trying to be the drama king. You don’t have a son, and it wasn’t you. Any of those hundreds of murder victims in Chicago could have been you also. Why don’t you mention them?

I have reached the conclusion that the only way President Obama would have been happy is if George Zimmerman had been killed by Trayvon Martin.

To the true Christians who carry concealed weapons: My Bible reads, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Attorney General Eric Holder said his Justice Department will challenge Texas regarding the state’s voter rights. This is the same Holder who saw no issue with New Black Panthers with billy clubs intimidating white voters in Philadelphia. No one is as blind as he who will not see.

Exactly which “phony scandals” is Obama speaking about? The IRS, the NSA and the sad Benghazi event, when Washington did not even try to send any help for those brave Americans? The DOJ’s selective targeting of journalists and spotty enforcement of laws? All I see are real scandals.

The president gave a speech in Illinois on jobs. He said, “Washington has taken its eye off the ball.” OK, since the president usually works in Washington, why was he giving his speech in Illinois?

The U.S. tax code has become so impenetrable, complex and massive that politicians and bureaucrats can manipulate it to accomplish whatever they want. Abolish the IRS and tax code, and develop a simpler system less open to corruption and manipulation.

The needs of the American people are going to be ignored by the U.S. Congress as long as members of Congress have their own retirement and health care plans.

Don’t be too quick to rejoice that your Medicare supplemental insurance premium went down. This is simply a reflection of the diminished services and care you are going to receive. Look at what’s in the offing for folks on dialysis.

What’s the Republican plan for affordable health care?

Thanks to Gov. Sam Brownback’s KanCare program, my autistic grandson cannot get dental care. No dentist will take the insurance that was assigned to him.

While I disagree with many of Charles Koch’s political views, at least he is up front about his position and does not seem to hide behind anonymous donations to various quasi political organizations.

I grew up with six Dutch uncles who, like Charles Koch, were quick to give advice and ready with evidence to support their opinion. Mother said her brothers would only tell you their side of the argument and never tell you or agree with anything that proved them wrong.

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