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07/28/2013 12:00 AM

07/26/2013 5:20 PM

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Thanks to Gov. Sam Brownback, the Legislature and the Kansas college presidents for helping me decide where to send my grandson to college next year. He will be attending college in Oklahoma.

Fiscally responsible county officials are taking flak for saying the glamorous joint law enforcement training center is extravagant and unnecessary. The wasteful city boys haven’t found a boondoggle unworthy of our tax dollars in ages. Anybody wonder why some governments are always in the red?

Continue to put all the proposed budget cuts on the front page, so the people can see what our officials are doing. Why do we need a city manager and a county manager? Cut the officials’ wages so the people can have places to go with their families.

We are being taxed to death. The government of Wichita acts responsibly by not increasing debt for a new library. The Eagle editorial board rakes it over the coals. A new library is nice, but water lines are necessary. Let those who are able donate to a new library.

To all the complainers about spending: Do something. Run for a local office, city council, school board. It will change your mind and you’ll see how things really are.

Let it be known that Rep. Mike Pompeo voted with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to continue NSA spying on innocent citizens.

With more restrictions being placed on firearms, the food we grow and eat, the energy we use, the vehicles we can drive, and with the increased spying on everyday Americans, can we really say “it’s a free country” anymore?

The Obama administration’s plan is for those who have saved, worked hard and paid taxes to also pay the tab for the imprudent, the addicted, the smoker, the drunk, the eternal professional victim and the politician.

When a man shot and killed an unarmed person in the good old days, he planted a gun on the person who got shot. But the lesser men of today just yell “self-defense.”

We keep hearing about blacks having to deal with racism, but how about whites? Going to school in Wichita in the ’60s and ’70s, I was on the receiving end of constant pushing, shoving and threatening – and all because we were white. Is that fair? Is that right?

Get rid of the hyphens in news reporting. We are not Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, etc. We are all Americans. Of course we are identified by our individual cultures. But we do not need to be identified separately by current nationality. It causes useless division of our nation.

Don’t make it easy for your spouse or significant other to cheat on you. Pay attention and ask questions occasionally. Yeah, I speak from experience.

I thought we fought a war of independence so we didn’t have to care about the royal baby.

Why have so many of the Wichita-area residential lawns experienced such an influx of chiggers this summer?

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