Opinion Line (July 27)

07/27/2013 12:00 AM

07/26/2013 5:17 PM

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I’m starting to like Texas more and more. Texans execute the people who deserve it (death-row inmates) and save the people who don’t (babies in the womb). If Texas became more anti-illegal immigrant, it would be the perfect state.

Just because you force women to give birth to children does not mean those children will be cared for by their parents. Just volunteer at any school, and you will find children desperate for loving and caring adults in their lives.

Kansas voters and pet owners have one thing in common: They both should be held responsible for cleaning up the mess their critters leave behind.

I have heard the Kochs and airplane manufacturers complain about taxes, but never about the electric rates. But, hey, let’s pay more to give them a big discount anyway.

Learn a little about electricity and its distribution before you say your lights should never go out or, if they do, should be back on in five minutes. You wouldn’t want to pay the amount it would take to do that.

Uh-oh. Obama is focusing on the economy again.

Ben Bernanke finally admitted that ending deficit spending would crater the economy, which means economic growth is just an illusion. Maybe the government should publish a new statistic called IGDP, for imaginary gross domestic product.

When President Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur, I became Republican.

If the jury had found George Zimmerman “guilty,” he would not have been free to help save the family in the crash that overturned their SUV. God works in mysterious ways.

It appears that the weekly “Crime in your neighborhood” list will need a full page soon or perhaps a Sunday supplement. Please color-code the map to indicate the danger zones.

If an alien landed on this planet (highly unlikely) – with its supposedly advanced civilization – and happened to read one of Billy Graham’s columns, that alien would lie down and die of laughter.

To the woman with blue pants and white shirt crossing Maize Road near Maple at 4:30 a.m. Monday: After braking and swerving, I barely missed you. I was sick to my stomach for hours. Please use the crosswalk.

The Eagle reported that Ryan Braun had agreed “to accept” his punishment for illegal drug use. Wow – Major League Baseball is really tough on those druggies.

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