Opinion Line Extra (July 26)

07/26/2013 12:00 AM

07/25/2013 5:17 PM

If the people of New York City elect Anthony Weiner as mayor, they are idiots.

The new royal baby already has a higher approval rating than President Obama.

If Obama were a city, he would be Detroit.

Does our AWOL commander in chief turned vacationer and campaigner in chief decide how to aggravate Americans before he gets out of bed each day? More of his lies surface daily, dividing the country. He is the instigator of all the corruption in Washington, D.C.

If Obamacare fails, it wouldn’t provide Republicans with “angry voters.” It would harm real people, as it already has (try finding full-time work now that 30 hours is considered full time). That’s why Republicans are fighting Obamacare.

House Speaker John Boehner is a large barge of baggage for the SS Immigration to push up the river.

I’m starting to see the word “fair” on opinion pages. The only thing that is “fair” is a batted ball hit into the field of play in a baseball or softball game. Otherwise, the concept doesn’t exist, like the concept of “free.”

Just when you think Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach can’t sink any lower, he surprises you.

So the Kansas delegation is raising large amounts of revenue for their re-election campaigns (July 24 WE Blog excerpts). Duh. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that you are in Kansas? Why would you need any money to get re-elected in Kansas if you are a Republican?

If you want to know the difference between a Democrat and a socialist, take a basic class in both political science and economics. Education separates those who know from those who do not know.

Only in America can you stalk, attack and murder a teenager and get away with a self-defense claim.

Trayvon Martin’s death was a shame; he didn’t deserve to die. But the evidence clearly showed that he brutally assaulted George Zimmerman, and that Zimmerman’s actions were a clear-cut case of self-defense. Plus, Martin was no innocent child.

I would love to know why Zimmerman got out of the car. Didn’t the 911 dispatcher tell him not to? If it was only suspicion, why didn’t Zimmerman wait and watch to see if Martin did anything illegal? What he did reeks of premeditation.

Martin did not “stand his ground.” He attacked someone. He laid hands on someone else. That someone else was barely able to stand his ground and save his own life. By the grace of God and a gun.

Let’s raise the legal adult age to 21. New brain research shows the brain continues to develop into the 20s. This would be a better plan for our country than lowering the drinking age.

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