Opinion Line (July 26)

07/26/2013 12:00 AM

07/25/2013 5:16 PM

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On the 30th anniversary of the George Brett pine-tar game, William and Kate named their child George. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I just love the denying comments about racism from paragons of white male privilege like Cal Thomas, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.

If Trayvon Martin had been killed in Afghanistan, the president would never even have given him a second thought.

President Obama’s latest big speech on the economy was like Cookie’s latest meal in “Beetle Bailey” – warmed-up rehash. And every bit as bland and tasteless.

Obama insulted the intelligence of every American by saying the many recent scandals are phony when several involved dead Americans. He is trying to blow off some serious offenses and redirect everyone toward what he is trying to sell.

Derby would be a great place for a new driver’s license office. It’s centrally located among the other small towns around Wichita.

I would love for downtown Wichita to be a thriving location, but it can’t be a mecca for the homeless, drunks and criminals at the same time.

The city of Detroit just declared bankruptcy because of large pension payouts to retired city employees. Are you listening, Wichita City Council?

Detroit today, California in 2014 and the USA in 2015.

Why don’t the unions across the nation bail out their brothers in Detroit instead of contributing their dollars to political parties? That way, you and I will not have to pay again.

Now Kris Kobach wants Kansas “protected” from federal gun laws. About 160 people are shot and 30 die every day from gunfire in this country. That’s not enough gun “freedom” for him? Somebody needs to tell this guy to chill.

Kobach is like a piece of chrome after a car wreck: bright but very twisted. He’s not about the Constitution. He’s about one thing: Kris Kobach’s chances to gain real power. God help us.

“Kobach” – the sound a defective gun makes as it misfires.

How sad it is to see the zoo’s beautiful twin baby tigers and realize they will be penned up the rest of their lives just for our entertainment.

Regarding the impatient two-stair stepper: I prefer two steps also. I take one into the elevator and one out. Works great.

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