Opinion Line Extra (July 24)

07/24/2013 12:00 AM

07/23/2013 5:48 PM

Some people put their faith in God. Some people put their faith in guns. Which one do you put your faith in?

George Zimmerman comes out of hiding to help a family whose vehicle had rolled over in a ditch, stays until help could arrive, and then leaves without any recognition for his acts. Sounds like a “killer” to me.

Our wonderful president has no clue what his presidential duties are. As president he should stay out of our business. It appears that he is just trying to keep this racial thing going. The jurors have spoken and they abided by the law.

I am encouraged that some of the ill-informed and uneducated are awakening to the fact that President Obama is totally incompetent. The evidence is so blatant that it can no longer be ignored by even the staunchest Obama supporters.

Since when are conservatives obliged to take responsibility for what liberals infer?

People who complain about people who can’t stand the Kochs are people who are jealous of people who have good union jobs and can actually provide for their families.

The Democrats have run Detroit for decades. Due to Democrat mismanagement, Detroit is bankrupt. No federal bailout for Detroit.

Ever noticed how those who have had a chance to participate in the Affordable Care Act have nothing but positive things to say about it? It’s politically understandable why the Republicans keep banging their heads against the wall to get Obamacare repealed.

We are becoming a nation of part-time workers, reaching record numbers, thanks to Obamacare.

Besides citizenship being a requirement to vote (which in any sane society should be a no-brainer), another requirement should be paying taxes. Those who are not working and are feeding at the government trough should not be allowed to hold us hostage.

Almost 50 drivers got tickets for not using their seat belts Friday night. Good. Now also get those who are running red lights, or install cameras there.

Instead of giving tickets for seat belts, give tickets for drivers using cellphones. Driving without a seat belt doesn’t cause the accidents.

Where are all of the people in Wichita supposed to get their driver’s licenses renewed? This is ridiculous that people have to take off work and spend most of a day waiting to be called up for a 15-minute procedure. We need more offices in Wichita.

Only in Wichita can I receive my newspaper subscription renewal notice one day and the next day receive a 10-pound rain-soaked newspaper wrapped in a plastic bag. Wonder if I can subtract the $2 I paid to replace the rain-soaked newspaper from my subscription fee.

If you try to two-step me up a staircase, I’ll elbow you in the ribs and send you back to “start.”

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