Opinion Line (July 24)

07/24/2013 12:00 AM

07/24/2013 8:20 AM

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Why are there so many bad parents in Wichita? We hear about filthy homes, hungry kids, kids left in hot cars, drug arrests, and abuse and neglect. I thought parents were to provide food, clothing, shelter, supervision, education and medical care. There seems to be a parenting crisis.

I’m just waiting for the city of Wichita to announce water-rate increases since all the rain has decreased water usage. I’ve watered three times this entire season, and my fescue lawn looks great. How about a rebate for not watering?

Thanks to Westar Energy for yet another outage. When we had been without power for 12 hours, that wonderful answering machine said it could be another five hours. Hey, how about reliable service before you ask for another rate hike?

Please stop being so stupid, Kansas. Do not raise my taxes to build a resort at Clinton Reservoir. I have a cabin and boat at Table Rock Lake and I go there for many reasons, one of which is to know that I’m not in Kansas anymore.

Some folks don’t seem to realize how deeply they are getting into debt on student loans until the total is unmanageable. Perhaps they should pay as they go. Work and go to school part time. It will take longer to graduate, but you’ll be debt-free when you finish.

President Obama is where he likes to be, leading from behind – this time behind Al Sharpton.

Susan Wagle and other deficit-spending Republican legislators now want to meet with university representatives to micromanage budgets during the legislative session. Why don’t these anti-learning control freaks stay in session all year, promoting ideas on how to underfund education while delivering more tax cuts to the Koch brothers?

I want Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to run for governor. He has the most common sense of anybody.

Since the city and state won’t do anything to deport the illegal aliens living here, they should start fining them $100 a week to stay. The state and city budgets could be balanced, and nothing would be closed.

And how many tanker trucks drive down our streets and highways carrying flammable or hazardous materials?

The people who complain about excessive coverage of a monarchy are largely the same people who want to abolish the “death tax,” which would essentially establish monarchies in America.

Aren’t you tired of people being famous for being famous?

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