Opinion Line (July 21)

07/21/2013 12:00 AM

07/19/2013 6:38 PM

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Kudos to our local businesses (Koch, Hartman Oil, Fidelity Bank) for their motivational ads on TV. I support their good thoughts and intentions. Wichita is a great city to live in. If you don’t like us, then move back to where you came from.

I know of many times the Kochs have generously supported city projects and causes with no fanfare or acknowledgment. Now, since their political affiliations have been disclosed nationwide, they suddenly have turned evil? I don’t think so. Their current media message is only trying to wake up the American people.

It does not take “courage” to promote your libertarian political philosophy on television. It takes money. The Kochs aren’t begrudged their fortunes as much as they are resented for forcing their opinions on the rest of us.

The U.S. House’s record for having passed the fewest bills in history, with even fewer likely to pass the Senate, can be looked on as another walk down the road of shame. On the bright side, it means fewer chances to mess up our lives.

The Motor City is exactly where all cities are going. It’s the outcome of paying people for nothing, cronyism, racism, putting politics above efficiency, and a crazy reliance on and dedication to central planning.

The next time you want to complain how bad things are in Wichita, just be glad you aren’t living in Detroit.

When my caller ID flashes “U.S. Government,” I snap to and answer. When it turns out to be Rep. Mike Pompeo using public resources to further his own political objectives, I get angry.

If our government is so good at tracking all of our phone calls, why doesn’t it have the ability to stop the robocalls from credit-card services that I receive two or three times a day? Now I am receiving them on my cellphone, which costs me.

God bless Texas.

How many Kansas and Texas women will have to die from botched abortions for both states to realize what they have done?

Drilling for oil under Century II? The risk of sinkholes, leaks into the river, bad odor downtown? I’m sure we’ll do it.

Around 1970, Kansas established the required uniform of sheriff’s departments. Officers need to look like officers, not golfers.

The Division of Vehicles’ horrid “service” in Wichita has forced residents to go to other communities’ offices. Now some of those offices are charging a “convenience fee.” It’s a state agency, supposedly to serve all Kansans. The system is broken.

Based on the earnings information in The Eagle Thursday, it’s clear to me that Cessna Aircraft should turn its east and west Wichita facilities into casinos.

You think the Tour de France is boring? Turn it off. Instead, go ride your bike 150 miles a day for three weeks in a row in the mountains. Because there’s nothing to it. On second thought, just stay home and spout off about stuff you know nothing about.

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