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07/20/2013 12:00 AM

07/19/2013 5:56 PM

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So the guy in the standoff was in a police chase that was called off. Anyone fleeing the police in a vehicle is just as dangerous as someone running down the street threatening people with a gun. Both should be dealt with in the same manner.

Am I the only one who thinks the Wichita Police Department and other entities used excessive force in the standoff? They damaged many citizens’ property.

The latest cover of Rolling Stone provides excellent insight regarding the media’s anti-gun bias. If the Tsarnaev brothers had used firearms instead of pressure cookers to inflict the carnage in Boston, there is no way one of them would be on the cover.

I must have missed the Timothy McVeigh issue of Rolling Stone.

Most of the killing by guns in America is not by legal gun owners and enthusiasts but by crazy, violent men – nearly all out-and-out criminals. It makes sense to vilify not the criminal but the good, law-abiding citizen. That will fix it.

Trayvon Martin drew first blood with a sucker punch. End of story.

Can anyone please tell me why white people are afraid of black males wearing T-shirts at the mall?

Detroit, the hallmark of liberal Democratic Party control, policies and entitlements for decades, just surrendered to the inevitable conclusion – bankruptcy.

Administration officials wanted the credit for passing Obamacare. But they want to pass the blame for implementation to the next administration, because they know it won’t work.

My Medicare supplemental premium just went from $230 to $120 per month. Thank you, Obamacare. I didn’t even have to wait until October. So why are the Republicans still lying to the American people? I forgot – that’s what they do best.

Why do people who smoke (I don’t) have to pay all these taxes on cigarettes when obese folks don’t pay any extra and cost the health care system so much? Face it – we are obese. If we don’t change, health insurance is going to be unaffordable.

America has slipped to the No. 2 fattest country in the world. Or are we so fat we weren’t able to move quickly enough to count all of the fat people?

We would like to thank the man from Augusta named Ted who stopped and changed our flat tire so we could continue on to our doctor’s appointment in Wichita Monday. We will pay it forward.

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