Opinion Line Extra (July 22)

07/22/2013 12:00 AM

07/19/2013 5:54 PM

Detroit is just the latest and biggest governmental entity to declare bankruptcy. Detroit had no choice after decades of Democrat leadership and socialism. California, New York, Illinois and even the U.S. may not be far behind.

So Detroit has gone bankrupt. Well, guess what party has filled the mayor seat for the past 50 years? Democrats. We’re all heading in the same direction unless we stop the spending.

Polls show Americans much prefer reasonable compromise among our lawmakers. So why are so many House Republicans obsessed with keeping progress gridlocked? Could they be out of touch with reality?

Unfortunately, the Senate has turned down a proposal to limit immigration to 33 million newcomers over the next decade. That’s frightening and unacceptable. Under such circumstances, our United States would become far less cohesive and dangerously more divided.

Eventually we will learn that the government hasn’t just collected “metadata” from our phone calls, e-mails and credit cards, but that the feds have essentially wiretapped us. The metadata is what is routinely extracted for analysis.

Our governor: “Look out, Texas. Here comes Kansas.” Texas billboard: “You can’t fix stupid.” Kansas citizens: “Texas, take our governor and try to anyway.”

Watch for entertainment celebrities to start crawling from the acquittal woodwork. Stevie Wonder says he won’t perform in Florida. I’m sure the economic loss will be devastating to that state. No chance now that Sanford, Fla., will ever become a cultural paradise like Detroit or the South Side of Chicago.

To the person who said that Florida is not like Kansas: The gun nuts are in control here and have passed the laws they want. It’s only a matter of time before we have a Trayvon Martin-like killing in this state.

Now we know – if a person is attacked by a street thug, that person has the right to defend himself.

Why did George Zimmerman get out of his car? He was armed. He did not know if Martin was armed or unarmed. The 911 operator told him to hold off. What did Martin do to make Zimmerman get out of his car instead of waiting for police?

It’s become a punch line to say “O.J.” around any of us white people, because although he was acquitted he’s assumed guilty and even lost the civil suit. Now people are saying to “accept the verdict” since a black kid got stalked, accosted, then gunned down. Hypocrites.

What’s the excuse for the price of gas going up again? Did the wind change direction or what?

Thank goodness for satellite radio. Now I don’t have to listen to a couple of DJs trying to impress me with their lack of intelligence.

Hey, people, put the cellphone down so that you can use your turn signals.

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