Opinion Line (July 19)

07/19/2013 12:00 AM

07/18/2013 4:47 PM

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I wish to convey my outrage over Medicare’s proposed 9.4 percent cut to dialysis treatments. This will cause undue stress. I may have to choose between medication and food. You can bet the lavish lifestyle of the man in the White House will not take any cuts.

Some things we don’t want or need: Obama, his health care plan, Pelosi and Reid. We will have riots and unrest by the end of the year. America, stay alert and fear.

George H.W. Bush was honored Monday for his “Points of Light” program, while Obama wonders if he will ever have a successful program to his name.

It appears that complex, lengthy jury trials need the jurors to be paralegals or have specific types of college degrees to understand the proceedings.

Michael Vick goes to prison for participating in dog fights and dog killings. Plaxico Burress goes to prison for shooting himself. George Zimmerman goes free for killing a boy.

Justice was served. Get over it.

Look at the groups most hurt by Gov. Sam Brownback’s cuts. The money donated by a couple hundred “conservatives” to influence legislation can offset the political wishes of thousands of lower-echelon citizens who lack the time and money to raise a meaningful defense.

“Brownback won’t release court applicants’ names” (July 12 Local & State) should have been a front-page headline, or in a crime news section.

Out-of-state tuition for KU Medical School exceeds that for Harvard and most other top medical schools. We will not attract top doctors to our state if we don’t support higher education. The out-of-state applicant could be a former Kansan who wants to come home.

I hate the state’s decision to leave the state office building. But given that decision, let’s take down the lousy wall panels, lure Macy’s back with STAR bonds or historic tax credits, and have the grand store we had in the Innes days, with elaborate jewelry and perfume counters and Christmas displays.

To the couple who cut me off on the highway, flipped me off and tossed a cigarette at my car: I hope life treats you (and your children in the backseat) kinder than you treated me.

I would rather take a beating than go to the filling station and fill my fuel-efficient vehicle with gasoline. Oh, wait – I guess I am already taking the beating buying gasoline at the current price.

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