Opinion Line (July 18)

07/18/2013 12:00 AM

07/17/2013 5:08 PM

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Kris Kobach should have to sit for five hours to renew his driver’s license or get a state ID. He changed the law so everyone needs a state ID to vote, and there was supposed to be no problem getting that.

Good grief. It is not hard to get your birth certificate. You call the state and they mail it to you for a few dollars in a few days. If you are that helpless, you should not be able to vote.

The decision to move state offices out of downtown Wichita is claimed to be not political. I’m predicting that if that happens, it will become political. I’m a registered Republican who won’t vote for any Republicans if they allow downtown to be gutted.

In our economic and financial crunch, a pay increase for any local or county government administrator is shameful on its own, let alone in comparison to what the teachers received.

I do not understand how Charles Koch and his cronies think they live in a bubble that will never be affected by the world they are creating. Pollution, poverty, despair, inequality – I guess they can’t see the forest for the trees, or don’t care about either. How sad.

Koch knows what he is talking about. The regulation explosion since 2009 has created a permanent 7 percent unemployment rate, more job flight overseas and anemic economic growth. But government has made us safe from businessmen.

So, if I care enough for my neighbors that I ask a stranger of a different race what he is doing, I am a racist? Just checking.

How ironic that George Zimmerman will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life and wonder who might be following him and what their intentions are. He made his bed, and now he can lie in it.

If Eric Holder has no faith in the American system of criminal justice and a jury’s ability to arrive at a just verdict, then we need someone else as our nation’s attorney general.

Two things about the Martin-Zimmerman tragedy: None of you was present at the altercation, so you know nothing. And if you have never fought for your life in a street fight with a total stranger, you know even less than nothing.

I am going to put a sign in my front yard that says, “Be aware, cars are everywhere.”

Watching a bicycle race on television is almost as interesting as watching weeds die.

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