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July 17, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (July 17)

It seems awkward to require background checks to vote, but not to buy a gun.

It seems awkward to require background checks to vote, but not to buy a gun.

If you are holding vigils for Trayvon Martin but didn’t give any extra attention to Caylee Anthony, does that make you a racist?

Give me a break. African-American men are safer walking down most streets in white neighborhoods at night than they are walking down a black neighborhood street.

The jury heard the evidence, not the media hype. The women made their decision on these facts. Complain if you don’t agree, as I did with the O.J. Simpson trial. But why riot? It’s the law we all live under. I’m glad I live under the law.

Go ahead: Riot, tear up stores. That is exactly what the Department of Homeland Security wants. Get on its list of terrorists.

If George Zimmerman is a white Hispanic, then that would make President Obama a white African-American.

We understand your feelings concerning the George Zimmerman verdict. We are still upset over O.J. Simpson’s acquittal. Yet people were cheering and dancing in the streets in joy. There was no justice for Nicole Brown Simpson or Ron Goldman.

What did they say when O.J. got away?

I am just dying to see a front-page picture of Gov. Sam Brownback standing on the Great Wall of China, shaking hands with Chinese dictators. Maybe they can give him tips on transparency.

If Obamacare is so wonderful, why are the president and his family and Congress not covered by it? If we want to fix Medicare and Social Security, make elected officials have the same benefits as the people they are supposed to be looking out for.

The key to running a TV campaign isn’t “courage.” It’s money – Charles Koch’s main claim to fame. If courage was the motivator, more small businesses would be on the air.

There are many places in the world where you can live like a king on $34,000 per year. Unfortunately, none is on the North American continent.

A classic last sentence in a letter to the editor on Monday read: “Council members need to start thinking with that thing mounted on their shoulders instead of what they sit on.” I have saved this statement for further use when dealing with the city, state and federal governments. Thanks.

It would be nice if the hosts of the cable news shows would allow their expert guests to finish their comments and stop cutting off their comments for commercials.

To the Opinion Line contributor angry about back-to-school ads in July: A retail truth is that if there is no demand, that would not happen. Halloween will be next. Chill and get used to it.

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