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July 16, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (July 16)

Great work again from an excellent jury. Congratulations. O.J. – oops, I meant George Zimmerman.

Great work again from an excellent jury. Congratulations. O.J. – oops, I meant George Zimmerman.

The Zimmerman jury was correct, and the racists in America don’t like it.

It is no wonder why race relations are still in shambles in this country. Trayvon Martin is dead because he was black. Zimmerman walks because Martin was black. This is a disgraceful display of so-called justice. I am ashamed of our system. It favors white America. God help us.

I wonder if the outcome would have been less tragic if Martin had been given training in how to behave when confronted by a hostile, suspicious person.

If you didn’t watch the trial, your opinion is uninformed. If you think he was guilty, you’d be wrong.

Why don’t Jesse Jackson and his buddies worry more about the hundreds of black-on-black murders in Chicago rather than being so obsessed with George Zimmerman?

If I pick a fight and at some point I feel I am going to lose the fight and I kill the guy I started the fight with, that is self-defense? Once again, the Florida jurors failed.

As a Kansas conceal-carry permit holder, I am also a strong supporter of gun control. Of course, my definition of gun control is “hitting your intended target.”

If Democrats and their programs stand for the poor, how come so few poor people escape poverty? It’s because these programs trap their participants.

Since a million isn’t enough, $5 million only whets the appetite, and $100 million is just a way station, maybe it’s time to acknowledge wealth addiction as a disease. More billionaires all the time – even without economic freedom – while poverty rates keep rising.

Has the writer of “Koch’s frustration” (July 13 Letters to the Editor), who criticized Charles Koch and accused him of trying to buy national elections, heard of George Soros, the billionaire who has spent millions to defeat conservative candidates? There must be a different set of rules for conservatives and liberals.

Obviously, the Koch ad is for corporate freedom: Let them do anything they want to the environment and pay low taxes, and don’t ever ask questions about their business.

Janet Napolitano out at the Department of Homeland Security – hoorah. Now she will run the University of California system – even more perfect. She will fit right in.

City Manager Robert Layton needs an attitude adjustment. The taxpayers of Wichita are not his customers (July 13 Eagle). We are his employer. It is our tax money that pays his salary and that of all the city employees.

Thank you kindly, city of Wichita, for picking up my tree limbs that I dragged to the curb in front of my house. I am grateful, and so appreciate your hard work and attentiveness.

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