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07/16/2013 12:00 AM

07/15/2013 5:31 PM

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Now we know – if you want to get away with murder, go to Florida.

Concealed-carry permit laws do not authorize anyone to stalk another person or behave in a way that precipitates a violent act, and CCP holders know this is wrong. George Zimmerman may be not guilty, but he is clearly not innocent.

Trayvon Martin’s case came unplugged about as fast as the Chevy Volt as soon as the real facts came out, regardless of what our president said.

Federal civil rights charges are just a sneaky way to get another bite at the apple, violating the Fifth Amendment’s protection against double jeopardy.

I’m sure glad Zimmerman doesn’t “guard” my neighborhood. If you can believe his version, a teenage boy got the best of him and he had to shoot Martin. Maybe he wouldn’t have even had to stand trial if he had listened to the dispatcher and not confronted Martin.

The judge in Zimmerman’s trial decided the case when she disallowed scientific audio analysis of the 911 recording being entered into evidence. It would have definitively identified who was screaming for help. This evidence will come to light. I hope she can live with herself.

Rallies? Protests? Like the German courts of the 1930s, our courts apparently are now thought of as political institutions.

Those of us who are “gun guys” should ask ourselves: Would we like to be in Zimmerman’s shoes this week?

The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary get a bigger front-page article than the Zimmerman circus? Score one for The Eagle.

Gov. Sam Brownback and Republican legislators are floating bonds and stealing from highway-building bond funds while running up colossal state debt. Tax-and-spend Democrats seem the only fiscal conservatives left in Topeka.

The Koch brothers want to give you freedom so they can manipulate you into doing what they want. Don’t believe the smoke screen they are putting on TV. Don’t be bought off.

I saw the TV ad and totally agree. Thank you, Charles Koch.

Agree or disagree with Charles Koch. He is doing something. He has courage that most of us don’t have.

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