Opinion Line (July 14)

07/14/2013 12:00 AM

07/12/2013 7:11 PM

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Good for Charles Koch. Something has to be done. We have to stand up and protect what freedom we have left before they plant microchips in our necks. We are becoming robots.

Read your history books and learn why there are so many laws aimed at “holding back” corporate America. Most are to protect us from companies’ greed. When business was unchecked, workers were abused, hazardous materials were dumped into streams, etc. Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it.

Koch wants economic freedom. I would agree if it were a perfect world, with no greedy people. But give “economic freedom” to people who are greedy and unscrupulous, and they will cause problems for the rest of us. We’re still hurting from the crash of 2008.

I fail to understand why it is “greed” to want to keep your hard-earned money but not “greed” to take someone else’s money.

When a Koch tells us that $34,000 is the top 1 percent in some countries, hold onto your wallet. If Charles Koch really wants to get my attention, he could come out against all subsidies the oil industry gets.

The biggest problem with this country is that there are too many people sitting in the wagon rather than pulling the wagon. Unless our government quits giving able-bodied people free rides, we’re doomed financially.

Obamacare may not work as intended. But if we are ever going to have a health care system that works, we have to start somewhere. Right now we have nothing.

I saw Rep. Mike Pompeo smile for the camera and say, “The sequester is a good thing.” Tell that to the folks at McConnell Air Force Base and all the others across the country. Their “good thing” is a 20 percent pay cut.

How many SWAT teams, some from out of town, does it take to handle a guy holed up in an apartment? Must have been a slow police day. I’m an exhausted taxpayer.

So why doesn’t Gov. Sam Brownback want the public, which he allegedly serves, to know whom he’s considering for court positions? What’s he so afraid of?

Many people who want the government to promote their religious beliefs by monitoring every uterus in the state and forcing doctors to lie to patients also say that government can’t do anything right. Really? Shouldn’t these people rely on the private sector (their own religious leaders) to promote their views?

If I hear one more business advertise a “back-to-school” sale this early in July, it will never get my business again. Let the kids have a summer. There is no reason to mention the S-word until the second week of August.

If products on the store shelves continue to get smaller, under the marketing ploy of keeping the price the same, it won’t be long before all that will be on the store shelves will be the label. But the price will be the same.

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