Opinion Line Extra (July 15)

07/15/2013 12:00 AM

07/12/2013 6:46 PM

Westar Energy must have a cadre of specialists inventing new ways to increase rates. This effort began when Westar discovered that our electricity rates were lower than rates on the coasts. Never mind that our incomes were lower, too.

How is wanting equal health care opportunity for all Americans self-centered? Saying so is an inherently contradictory statement.

If there is one thing that modern liberals have demonstrated, it is that there is no working with them, only working for them.

The DMV is run by government. Why would you expect it to be efficient?

State Rep. Jim Ward is concerned about the Department for Children and Families office possibly moving to a site across from Jezebel’s. Boeing is across from Jezebel’s, so maybe that is why it is moving out of town. It’s as plausible as any other reason given.

Which is likely to help the citizens more: a tax-free church that helps the poor with food, shelter and medical care, or a pretty new building with books in it? There are several churches of each denomination because there are people who fill them. Dig in your own pocket and support a library fund.

We do not need a new downtown library when you can get all the information on your computer. I have read the book “1984” online, and I am going to purchase the book and change the cover to read “2014” and have it reprinted. It will be a best-seller.

No money for a new Central Library? I Guess we will just have to build some more useless dancing fountains.

Would the last person to leave Wichita please turn off the lights? Thank you.

There’s only one thing wrong with Kansas: Republicans.

If columnist Cal Thomas thinks democracy just won’t work in Islamic countries, why did he support George W. Bush sending thousands of our troops to fight and die to “bring democracy” to Iraq?

How often have editors at The Eagle provided editorials and articles that call for more efficient government for taxpayers, versus lamenting that we need to tax and spend or folks will be hurt? Doesn’t efficiency provide more for everyone?

I found it hard to sleep because of the anticipation of those ads rehashing social Darwinism. I had to borrow my trout fishing buddy’s wading boots.

I saw my first Koch ad. What a crock. It does not take into account different living standards. Waste your money, Koch family.

What is wrong with our society? People still have tons of trash from fireworks sitting at their curb. All the fun is over, but nobody has the decency to clean up. This makes the entire neighborhood look trashy.

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