Opinion Line (July 13)

07/13/2013 12:00 AM

07/12/2013 6:43 PM

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How is it that the Egyptian people understand the Muslim Brotherhood is an intolerant, terrorist, oppressive anti-liberty organization, when our president and his cohorts ignore the facts about them, still won’t condemn them and won’t stop sending our tax dollars to them?

The USA is being weakened by the 18 Obama campaign contributors he appointed to ambassador posts.

The folks complaining loudest about the downfall of society are the same folks complaining about funding public education.

Have you noticed how Rep. Tim Huelskamp’s comments frequently make national news lately? And for all the wrong reasons. As a reflection of Kansas, Huelskamp’s representation is as disgraceful as Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church.

Gov. Sam Brownback has not shown any ability in the hiring of competent employees or Cabinet appointments. Remember the Florida DCF hire, the IT director, the labor secretary, the securities commissioner and the budget director’s $2 billion mistake? The list goes on. Why would Brownback be more competent vetting judges?

It makes me sick. All the soldiers’ lives and money we’ve thrown away on worthless wars, and now we can’t even afford a new library in our town. The building and parking lot are too small. We give billions to other countries while we fall behind. This is 100 percent our fault.

Wichita doesn’t need to construct a brand-new library building with so many vacant buildings downtown. The City Council members can put a bronze plaque with their names on a used building just as easily.

Vice Mayor Pete Meitzner is concerned about the city’s image if its fountains aren’t running, but not when it needs to build a new downtown library. Which image is more important?

Which is more important: Repairing and maintaining streets, water and sewer pipes, and finding a new source of water, which every Wichita resident uses and needs? Or a library that a small percentage of Wichita residents use or want? I know the answer.

If the Kochs want to do something good for all of us, they could follow in the footsteps of Andrew Carnegie and build a new library for Wichita.

Great work, city of Wichita. The middle of summer and the long-term parking lot is closed at the airport? That means taking the once-every-so-often “covered wagon” to and from the Park and Ride Lot across the worst-maintained roads in Wichita. Does anyone think about the whole picture anymore?

Thanks to my “kind and considerate” neighbors in Stone Briar for shooting and booming until 2:30 a.m. July 5. And, yes, I did call the fireworks hotline on you.

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