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July 9, 2013

Opinion Line (July 9)

Enough is enough. Ban fireworks in the city of Wichita. We are tired of the yearly nonsense.

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Enough is enough. Ban fireworks in the city of Wichita. We are tired of the yearly nonsense.

Fireworks don’t cause fires. People do.

How do able-bodied people living in Section 8 housing dependent on welfare, food stamps and Medicaid justify celebrating Independence Day?

So now we find out the post office is logging all mail for law enforcement. Well, if my aunt’s secret sour cream banana bread recipe suddenly appears online, heads will roll.

The mark of a great city or great civilization is measured in its library and in the education system made available to its citizens. It is imperative that the plan for updating the public library goes forth.

We need a larger public library. The city owns the old Macy’s. The state offices are moving out of this building. It makes sense to move the public library into this building. But do those in charge have the sense to see this?

A video-camera drone, with support traffic officers, could pay for itself in a month. It could police the Kellogg raceway and its entrances, catching wannabe racers.

Why make it so difficult for something that brings such a positive, fun, young vibe to the city? Work with the food-truck vendors for a more progressive Wichita.

Mayor Carl Brewer asks and expects our support for all his tax-and-spend programs, yet he not only goes out of town to buy his cars but out of the county. A case of “do as I say, not as I do.”

Clearly, the mayor was profiled (“Car lot calls cops; shopper turns out to be mayor,” July 4 Eagle). If the lot is so accessible after-hours, then why were the police called?

How can oil companies and gasoline retailers justify the prices we are seeing in Wichita now versus a few months ago, when gas was 64 cents more a gallon? Maybe they discovered an oil field somewhere that will vanish when winter comes. The joke is on the consumer.

I know we are all concerned about Westar Energy’s rates going up, but can you imagine the consequences should the Obama administration pass a carbon tax?

The Shockers may or may not get back to the Final Four, but once again they are loaded and deep. And don’t forget they were the best defensive team in the NCAA Tournament. Go, Shocks.

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