Opinion Line Extra (July 9)

07/09/2013 12:00 AM

07/08/2013 6:41 PM

Don’t try blaming anyone in the present for the stated decay of Southeast High School. It didn’t get that way overnight. All things controlled by a government entity deteriorate from neglect and indifference, beginning immediately after we are told they are really needed and are built.

Let’s recall all of the school board members, since they do not listen to the voters.

Take a ship, not an airplane. I did in 1950 to Korea.

I spent one and a quarter days just to get my driver’s license. I thought going to one of the busiest DMVs in California and leaving in an hour with license and tag was bad. Whoever thought up this mess in Kansas needs to spend the next five years in that line.

If a person voted for Phill Kline “only once,” but then turns around and votes for Kris Kobach “only once,” I believe that individual would have to be classified as a slow learner.

Gov. Sam Brownback said that Republicans should talk more about social issues in the next elections. Yes, he really said this.

If we were unable to tell whether someone was male or female, would we really care whom they married?

The corrosive nibbling by politicians on the core values of our country is similar in effect to that of gastric acid on proteins in the stomach. Devastating. The system will have a seizure, but the damaging effects to the country will be felt forever.

If those screams on the 911 recording are really George Zimmerman’s, he should be able to prove it by reproducing them. Trayvon Martin can’t do the same, because Zimmerman shot him and now he’s dead.

Is anybody else tired of Sen. John McCain appearance’s on the talk show circuit, where he opines about anything happening in the world?

Edward Snowden may seek political asylum in Venezuela. I am confused. I thought the United States was the country where people sought political asylum. How times have changed. Is our government now more oppressive than Venezuela’s?

I don’t care if NSA reads my e-mail (what a boring job), nor do I even mind TSA’s full body scanner. But measuring my heart rate so some FBI goon can tail me if I’m a little stressed? That is privacy invasion that even George Orwell never imagined.

Immigration cases accounted for the largest share of federal criminal convictions in each of the past four years. Pro-immigrant activists refuse to acknowledge the price we pay for the crimes of immigrants. The United States would be far better off if we had less immigration, not more.

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