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07/07/2013 12:00 AM

07/05/2013 8:19 PM

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The government makes McConnell Air Force Base the largest tanker base in the country, but Boeing can’t make Wichita the company’s tanker finishing center. The Kansas congressional delegation and all Kansans should never forget the promise Boeing made to the state and its employees.

The city can’t build a 13th Street bridge in the right way in the right place. I don’t expect it will build a Kellogg-turnpike interchange in any manner that makes any sense.

Imagine the backup when exiting turnpike truck and auto traffic has to turn left onto Webb and then left onto Kellogg or, even worse, cross Webb traffic to make a right onto Kellogg. The suggested revision to the Kellogg-turnpike interchange would only be a step into chaos.

The last time a car dealer had input into a Kellogg design, it resulted in the mess at the westbound exit ramp from Kellogg to Armour. We don’t need more special-interest design on Kellogg.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families, especially the Wichita office, needs Edward Snowden.

On the Fourth of July, we celebrate America’s Declaration of Independence, which declared our independence from the tyranny of Britain and our dependence upon our Creator God. Most Americans have forgotten the part about dependence on God.

We are celebrating independence once again from England. I hope I will be alive to celebrate our independence from China.

The Obama administration is delaying the employer mandate for Obamacare until after the 2014 elections. I wish it managed our country’s business as well as it tries to manage its political goals.

Problems implementing Obamacare? Who could have ever foreseen that? I’m sure just as soon as those who voted in favor of it read what they voted for, they will come up with solutions to the problems.

No surprise the employer-mandate part of Obamacare has been delayed. The law is a complicated mess. We should have a single-payer system in which everyone contributes, saving business the burden while eliminating the for-profit monopolies that make our health care so expensive.

I looked around the other day and could see, as the fictional movie character George Bailey did, that we no longer live in Bedford Falls but in Pottersville. God help us find our way back.

I propose USD 259 have a teachers’ calendar, like firefighters’ calendars, to help offset state funding shortfalls.

With 19 Westar Energy rate-increase requests in the past four years, current donors to the company’s charitable fund soon could need assistance themselves. What is Westar’s plan when no one can afford to pay his electric bill?

In the Bible, when Adam and Eve gardened in the nude in the Garden of Eden, it was called Paradise. When I try to garden in the nude in Wichita, why do the police call it a misdemeanor?

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