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07/06/2013 12:00 AM

07/05/2013 8:18 PM

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The inconvenient truth is that government is accumulating an enormous debt. It is being passed on to our children and grandchildren. We are well aware of what we are doing. At some point, like running out of gas in the desert, the time for addressing the inevitable will have passed.

Has Westar Energy been plotting with our governor? Its rate rebalancing resembles that of the state income-tax adjustments: Give those with the most a break, and let the middle class make up the difference.

It’s like the executives at Westar had a meeting to figure out how to become the most-hated company in Wichita and one of them said, “Hey, I know – let’s raise the rates on residential customers and lower the rates on big industry. That should do it!”

Businesses, among others, are able to get tax breaks for overhead. Do you think the IRS would let me do that? Regardless of the “good deal” we are given, Westar is not the only utility we pay. Come on, Kansas Corporation Commission – give the consumer a break.

Thank goodness Kansas and Wichita are seeking $13 million in federal money to extend the Heartland Flyer from Wichita to Oklahoma City. I frequently take Amtrak from Newton to the East Coast. The 3:30 a.m. connection time makes for a burdensome travel experience.

Progressives tell us to celebrate diversity by accepting gay marriages, but isn’t a marriage between a man and a woman the ultimate form of diversity?

Robert Bork was right: America is slouching toward Gomorrah.

A Catholic archbishop in Wisconsin wanted to pay abusers millions of dollars to leave the priesthood (July 2 Eagle). If he had done the right thing and called police authorities, it wouldn’t have cost a dime. When will the scandals and cover-ups end?

If Americans had as much passion for family as they do for guns, we’d be much better off.

Somebody needs to let the Carr brothers know that the young people they tortured and murdered on that cold winter night would like to have their death sentences appealed also. They all had wonderful plans for their future.

On the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg 150 years ago, Gen. Custer led a cavalry charge that changed the course of the battle. But we don’t remember him for that. Make a little mistake and people never forget.

Wichita employers are going to need to add a reason for their employees to take a day (possibly two) off work – going to the DMV.

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