Opinion Line Extra (July 8)

07/08/2013 12:00 AM

07/05/2013 8:03 PM

So collateralized debt obligations are having a revival. The Wall Street gamblers will sink the economy again and walk away scot-free, just as they did before. No prosecutions or jail time five years after the fact is proof of the cozy relationship between the money and Washington.

While President Obama is enjoying extravagant parties with Hollywood celebrities and taking opulent vacations, America’s middle class is being decimated by his policies.

I bet our escalating medical insurance premiums are the fault of George Bush, because he didn’t leave Obama enough money to waste on his fruitless agenda and policies.

Democrats elected Barack Obama, who they thought was Mr. Diplomacy. They got Mr. Zero.

House Republicans have now voted 37 times to repeal Obamacare, and yet they seem perfectly content to keep their own government-sponsored health care. Hypocritical?

No court has any business deciding major social issues like abortion and homosexual marriage. Those issues are in the province of the people’s elected representatives.

I’m curious as to how many of the people upset with closing Southeast High School voted for Gov. Sam Brownback and his drastic cuts to education. This is only the beginning of Brownback’s reign. Get used to it, folks.

Time was, Southeast High was the finest school in the state. It is now a testament – yes, a monument – to the decay and destruction of public education by politicians, bureaucrats and dim-witted liberal social “scientists.”

Why are poor people expected to have no phone and no car and to eat only ramen? Their lives are miserable enough. Before you whine about how you’re paying for something, please research thoroughly what your income taxes actually pay for.

The planet Earth is not something to be used up and thrown away.

We all heard about the N-word. What about the H-word (“honky”) and the C-word (“cracker”)? Next time I am called either one I am suing.

Words cannot describe my disgust for Westar Energy, which took 37 hours to fix one downed wire. Then, after the out-of-town crew arrived, it was done in 75 minutes. The time for a class-action lawsuit is now.

The city finally made a great decision to do away with the ridiculous new parking centers. Just accept the financial loss and move on. Do not try to make it work, because it will not prevent a line. Meters work just fine.

I bought some peaches from that place that claims to have the best fruit and also from our longtime Kansas neighborhood grocery store. The ones at my Kansas grocery were juicy, and the others were so hard and juiceless that it hurt my jaw to bite into one.

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