Opinion Line Extra (July 4)

07/04/2013 12:00 AM

07/03/2013 5:46 PM

I like fireworks just as much as anyone else. What I don’t like are them going off from midnight until 3 or 4 a.m. every day of the week. Please be respectful and let us get a good night’s sleep. Thank you.

I’ll worry about the noise from fireworks for a few days a year when you worry about being a responsible cat or dog owner and not leaving it outside all year, and train your cat to stay home and your dog to stop barking constantly the rest of the year.

Maybe some intellectual who contributes to Opinion Line can explain why fireworks will be sold on July 5. Is that to provide for the chronically late to celebrations?

Anyone who doesn’t like to see people smelling the fruit in the grocery store better stay home. How else do you think people can tell if the fruit is good and ripe? And who made you the food police anyway?

These self-righteous critics of Paula Deen should apologize. Anyone who says he’s never used the N-word is most likely a liar.

Deen needs to lead the crusade to make sure all comedians and rap artists who have ever used the N-word have their merchandise pulled from the store shelves and airwaves. It will be up to the rest of us to make sure they are publicly flogged.

I think Deen should have said what our politicians say: “I can’t remember,” or “It is not important now, is it?”

Even though it’s a small percentage, Islam seems to be a religion that convinces some members to become terrorists. Would someone please tell me what other religions in the world convince some members to become terrorists?

Just why are the Republicans so afraid of others voting?

Besides more debt, what does America get in return for the millions of dollars Obama wasted on his African trip? It is time for some responsible government agency to reel in this out-of-control president.

Do the staff members at The Eagle ever actually read what they write? The Sunday headline “Wichita area short 16,000 jobs 5 years into recovery” was absurd. We’re not in a recovery. We’re in a recession. Stop repeating the talking points from the Obama administration.

If you are witness to a crime, it’s your duty to report it. But if it’s a crime committed by the government, to whom do you report the crime? Well, to the media, just as Edward Snowden did. If he hadn’t, he would have become an accomplice to the crime.

Has anyone ever seen the words “extreme left-wing politician” in a Richard Crowson editorial cartoon?

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