Opinion Line Extra (July 5)

07/05/2013 12:00 AM

07/03/2013 5:45 PM

For the folks who want to raise the taxes in Wichita: Pay more out of your own pocket each year if you want, so the city can waste your money.

President Obama is taking a page from Mayor Carl Brewer’s playbook – an important trip to Africa for mysterious reasons.

Egypt has been in mass uproar, with millions in the streets seeking a government change. If that were to happen in Washington, D.C., the IRS would have a field day in revenge audits as Obama tried to deflect attention on the crowd by proposing gay-marriage and abortion tax benefits.

Rep. Mike Pompeo said few Americans trust government less than he does. Strange words from a man we can assume would very much like to spend the rest of his “working” years in that government.

People object to Westar Energy’s proposed rate increase? With Obama’s war on coal, get use to it. This is just the start of the rate increases. And like the lack of jobs, despite what he says he does not care.

Is there ever a point when those who have the power to make and implement the rules, laws and regulations realize that the everyday person is not a bottomless pit of money resources? Westar alleges “fairness” behind its current rate request, but what’s fair about 19 requests in four years?

There is no such thing as “same-sex” or “gay marriage.” Doesn’t exist. Never will. No matter what you call it, in whatever state you’re in, it is not marriage. Get over it.

July 4 – the day you wished you had never picked to get married on. It gives a whole new meaning to the word “freedom.”

If Trayvon Martin had been white, George Zimmerman wouldn’t have stalked and killed him. The fact that he was black was what attracted Zimmerman in the first place.

I asked the store personnel if it was all right to take part of the grapes out of a bag if I didn’t want the whole bag, and he said it was just fine. Anyone who slaps me in the grocery store had better be prepared to spend some time in the pokey on an assault charge.

I used to buy grapes and have to return them if they were too sour to eat. Then the produce manager of a major food chain told me that he would prefer I sample a grape or two at the store rather than buy them and later return them, because they couldn’t be resold.

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