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July 5, 2013

Opinion Line (July 5)

Where is the $7 billion that Obama has pledged to Africa going to come from? Shouldn’t we be fixing our own country first?

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Where is the $7 billion that Obama has pledged to Africa going to come from? Shouldn’t we be fixing our own country first?

I hope Obama doesn’t wear out Air Force One.

James Clapper lied and Edward Snowden told the truth. Arrest Clapper and Obama first.

I’m happy to see the recent uptick of conservatives complaining about President Obama in Opinion Line. It must mean he is doing a really good job.

I would just like to present this question regarding gay marriages: Why were Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by God?

Secretary of State Kris Kobach will serve one term only. He will find out, as former Attorney General Phill Kline did, that there are other responsibilities to his position. I only voted for Kline once, and I will only vote for Kobach once.

Big business can recoup its operating costs, as Westar Energy does, by passing them along to customers. Has one business had to stop operations because its electric bill was too high? But some residential customers do without much-needed utilities because they can’t afford the bill.

Westar shouldn’t make money by simply rebalancing electricity rates between large and small customers. Rebalancing rates should be profit-neutral.

I have been paying my utility bills online for some time. Now the city of Wichita wants to charge a convenience fee for this? Maybe I should go back to mailing my payments. I am sure the U.S. Postal Service would not mind the extra revenue if we all did that.

Why can’t people be a little respectful of their neighbors and teach their yapping little mutts to shut up?

Like other sports such as tennis, soccer and even ballroom dancing, golf has components that, when learned and practiced, make it so worthwhile and enjoyable. The millions of us who enjoy the rewards of accomplishment and healthy activity of any sport have first passed the test of patience and perseverance.

Thanks to the wonderful gentleman who found my husband’s wallet at Lowe’s last weekend. There are still honest and wonderful people in this world. He even called us to make sure we were able to get it back.

The Rolling Stones chose the right career path.

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