Opinion Line (July 3)

07/03/2013 12:00 AM

07/02/2013 5:15 PM

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If Westar Energy’s rate hike is adopted, I will no longer contribute to the fund that helps elderly and disabled customers pay their electric bills. The rate hike is another reverse-Robin Hood scheme that robs from the needy and gives to the rich.

My electricity wasn’t back on until Sunday evening. If Wichita is ever hit hard, we are in big trouble. Where was Westar? My fish died. I lost hundreds of dollars’ worth of food. I want to be reimbursed. You can bet if my bill was unpaid, it would cut my power.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp is grandstanding with his futile, bridge-to-nowhere attempt to ban gay marriage with a federal constitutional amendment. Republican leaders in Congress gave up that idea during the Bush administration.

Rep. Mike Pompeo seems to think the Constitution must be violated and we must all be spied on as potential terrorists. Who is the real threat to the country if we must destroy the principles on which our nation was founded?

Barack Obama has done more damage to our country than a million Edward Snowdens could do. Obama has ruined our country.

I hope all students, parents and teachers remember how the Republicans in Topeka have treated you.

What if Trayvon Martin had been white?

How can George Zimmerman argue self-defense? If he hadn’t followed Martin and had followed the 911 operator’s instructions, Martin would still be alive.

Since Walmart and Target stores are dropping Paula Deen’s products because she said the N-word years ago, I expect them to also pull all music that contains the N-word off the shelf – like that would happen.

The companies associated with Deen are acting like lemmings.

Judges and lawyers: How many years are you going to just slap the wrists of chronic deadbeat dads? The deadbeat dads don’t get it, but you should. By letting them chronically not pay for their kids’ future, you are just as guilty.

If the hazards of taking a drug take twice as long to list on a TV commercial as the list of benefits from that drug, why would you ask your doctor to prescribe it?

To the drivers exiting at Central off southbound I-235: There is a stop sign. Please stop. The neighborhood residents you pull out in front of, causing accidents, would appreciate it.

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