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07/02/2013 12:00 AM

07/01/2013 6:10 PM

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With the government employee furloughs occurring, we should direct President Obama to submit to work furloughs also. He is a government employee and should make the same sacrifices other government employees are making. That would curb some excessive spending from the executive office.

It is insulting to blacks and Hispanics to imply that they are not intelligent enough to prove citizenship before voting, just as everyone else must do.

So the city wants to listen to someone who wants higher taxes? So that the city can build more fountains that only work part of the time because of weather or wind? Or build metal sculptures that no one understands? Or give businesses more tax subsidies? I think not.

My biggest criticism of this city, my hometown, is that by the time those who could be doing and building something actually do, it’s already the time they should be doing and building something else. I will grow old and die before this city reaches maturity.

Did developers propose to build a lake south of Wichita a few years ago? Was it to be a recreational facility as well as a source of water for Wichita? What happened to the project?

Every time I’m almost run off the road by or stuck behind a slow-moving driver on a cellphone, the driver is over the age of 40. Maybe you middle-agers should learn to text and drive before harping on us 20-somethings.

Juveniles are asked by law enforcement either to put out their cigarettes or give up their smokes, rather than being arrested or fined. Maybe that’s why teens are so likely to smoke marijuana – because society has accepted teen smoking of cigarettes but looks down on smoking marijuana.

Methinks that the likes of Sam Brownback, Kris Kobach and Tim Huelskamp are elected – and re-elected – by the voting bloc that also thinks “Family Circus” is “just darling.”

Regarding “GOP stalwart finds herself an outsider” (June 24 Eagle): Sandy Praeger, thank you. You are my kind of Republican.

Praeger is nothing more than a clone of Kathleen Sebelius.

The dumping of any animal – with no one seeing to food, fresh water and shelter – is illegal. It also is a despicable thing to do and totally hypocritical if you consider yourself a Christian.

I finally figured out why our parents are so worried about the future. They trained us.

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