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July 1, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (July 1)

It’s another day, the sun comes up, and another Obama administration person pleads the Fifth. Isn’t it wonderful?

It’s another day, the sun comes up, and another Obama administration person pleads the Fifth. Isn’t it wonderful?

Has there ever been a president who has sold his country down the drain and surrendered more than Obama?

For some 40 years, polls have indicated Americans favor less immigration over more immigration – usually by large margins. Serious reforms are needed, but they must start by closing our porous borders. If the left prevails, we face America vanishing under a tsunami of mass immigration, multiculturalism, chaos and rebellion.

Instead of being offended over America’s desire to secure its borders (especially since it’s a felony to be in Mexico illegally), Mexican officials should be asking themselves what they are doing so wrong that their citizens risk their lives to cross into America in the first place.

Did ex-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay go to jail yet, or is he still on “Dancing With the Stars”?

Note to Rep. Tim Huelskamp: Authoring the Kansas Marriage Amendment is not something to be proud of. Shame on you.

For the person who wonders where a married male couple’s children come from: They come from the heterosexual couple who were too irresponsible to raise them. Or would you rather those children end up on the streets with so many other homeless?

Really observe the houses and neighborhoods around Wichita. Why would anyone believe that 52 percent of Wichita’s children are born into poverty, as stated in the commentary “Invest now in early learning” (June 13 Eagle)?

Am I the only one who finds it difficult to believe Wichita scrap dealers don’t know they are buying stolen materials?

It goes against logic that only homeowners can participate in the city’s rebate program. I am a renter who pays my own water bill and would like to take advantage of other taxpayers helping to pay for my new appliances and rain barrels.

It’s amazing that The Eagle had zero coverage on Friday of the trial of the decade, George Zimmerman’s murder trial. Perhaps it’s because the prosecution’s case unraveled in a hurry with its star witness caught in several lies.

To the person whose “kids always felt bad for” the Southeast High kids playing sports: We (Southeast) beat the top team (Kapaun) in the ‘80s in men’s and women’s golf and other sports.

A week of basically uncontrolled fireworks is definitely not my “sound of freedom.” It’s really one type of people being able to impose their will on others who don’t share their idea of freedom.

I profile everybody.

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