Opinion Line (June 29)

06/29/2013 12:00 AM

06/28/2013 6:50 PM

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Why isn’t the NRA all over Florida supporting George Zimmerman?

I have been carrying a concealed weapon in this town for a while. I carry it in case I need to use it. Better to have a weapon and not need one than need one and not have one.

I’ll believe there is an ammunition shortage when I see the first road sign out in the country that’s not shot up.

Regarding the gay marriage rulings: The U.S. Supreme Court failed to counsel with the ultimate supreme court.

A reader asked: “When two men marry, where do the children come from?” I wonder the same about my 67-year-old friend and his 65-year-old bride.

Their children come from the ranks of unwanted, abandoned and given-up-for-adoption babies and children. Thanks to these new families, hundreds of the otherwise uncared for will have stable, healthy, loving and happy childhoods – and adulthoods. Be grateful for this.

The children come from the same place that a married man and woman go to when they cannot or choose not to have their own. Biological children do not a marriage make.

Douglas is not a through street at the Delano traffic circle. Circles are easy: Yield to any vehicle already in the circle. If there is none, yield to any vehicle to your right. I almost got hit by eastbound drivers three days in a row.

If Paula Deen is out, please explain Al Sharpton and Bill Maher.

I think it’s time to move on and quit bashing Paula Deen. See if there is another person in the news you can sink your fangs into and bleed dry, since so many seem to enjoy doing that.

Is it possible for CBS to pick a more annoying group of people to put on “Big Brother” without picking President Obama or anyone in his administration or Congress?

How do I get the taxpayers to pay for my vacation? How arrogant to expect us to pay for the whole Obama family entourage. He’s making so much money from various sources that he should pay for his own vacations.

I’m with the Opinion Line contributor complaining about the grape manhandler. I also dislike peach sniffers.

You can’t pick and choose grapes out of bags of grapes at a grocery store. I wouldn’t have chastised you. I would have slapped you.

Many thanks to the woman and her baby in Best Buy who gave me a phone charger that I needed and refused payment. I look forward to passing on a similar random act of kindness to a stranger soon.

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