Opinion Line (June 30)

06/30/2013 12:00 AM

06/28/2013 6:47 PM

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What you can get today for $100 million: six brand-new elementary schools in Wichita, free tuition and fees for a year at Wichita State University for all 15,000 students, or a one-week vacation in Africa (without the safari) for the Obamas.

The “estimate” of increased transportation costs at the new Southeast High School of $28,000 to $560,000 a year could add $5 million-plus over 10 years to the cost of moving. I don't recall that number being debated in public discourse. That casts suspicion on school board motives.

Guess who is going to pay for the school buses and gasoline needed to transport the kids to the new Southeast? You are. But do not blame the school board members. I blame their butlers. Everybody knows the butler always does it.

If the right ever achieves its dream of banning all abortions, there are going to be a lot of unwanted babies, and someone will have to adopt them. That’s where gay couples will find their children. I think that’s very pro-life.

I understand Mike Huckabee proclaimed “Jesus wept” in response to the Supreme Court’s decision on the Defense of Marriage Act. The more appropriate words from Scripture are “Fear not.”

I have checked numerous dictionaries, and all of them define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. We may legalize whatever it is same-sex couples do, but don’t call it marriage because it isn’t.

The Democratic Party has become a leftist-controlled terrorist bully organization in war against American history and traditional culture. The Republican Party has become the patsy without any spine. I’ve become a party pooper.

Kansas has the highest sales tax in the region. We tax food and medicine. Most states don’t. We are cutting funds to education. The surrounding states are increasing theirs. Tell me again how this dynamic economic growth is supposed to occur.

The city once again must cut its budget. It looks like once again it will cut city services and maybe even public safety, but you can bet it will not cut economic development funds. That’s our tax money that city officials give to their buddies and contributors.

A $1 convenience fee for the Wichita water department to conveniently have me pay my bill directly from my bank to the city? Shouldn’t these people wear masks? Bank robbers do.

Government spends money planting trees between curbing and sidewalks and then hauling water to them. But many of them eventually die, then must be removed. Many are planted under power lines, so we pay more for electricity to trim the trees. Let our officials know the wasteful spending must stop.

I had a golf lesson. All I have to do to improve my swing is: keep my head down, eyes on the ball, right elbow in, left arm straight, keep my feet balanced, straight back, slow down, swing through the ball, don’t sway, don’t cast the club. Encouraging, isn’t it?

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