Opinion Line Extra (June 28)

06/28/2013 12:00 AM

06/27/2013 5:27 PM

Every study proves that granting amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants will serve as a giant magnet to attract even more. The price of the social services they demand will be astronomical and, sadly, they will be forced on the American taxpayer.

Partisans seeking federal government legitimization for “same-sex marriage” argued they were being denied “an estimated 1,100 benefits afforded other married couples.” Where on earth did those come from? Our once striving-to-be-strictly-limited federal government has been absurdly distorted and corrupted beyond recognition.

To the reader who asked “When two men marry, where do the children come from?”: Marriage isn’t specifically for the production of kids. If it were, we wouldn’t allow those past childbearing age to marry.

So the Supreme Court has struck down DOMA. And what impact has this had on you personally? For most folks, no impact at all.

In addition to the tyrant Barack Obama, we now have wannabe dictators in another branch of government: the Supreme Court. Why do we bother voting? Perhaps we should just dissolve Congress and completely surrender our rights now.

To the reader who thinks that a little IRS fear is a good thing: We already have a group that thinks it can do whatever it wants and not be challenged. It is called the Obama administration.

No need for more blather about the president using the IRS “against his enemies.” It was doing what it had to do. But if it’s necessary to have more malicious and groundless smearing of President Obama, why not trot that out again?

When Margaret Thatcher died our government didn't react at all, sending no one of consequence to the funeral. I will be interested to see how many hours and how many people of consequence (probably all on separate planes) go to South Africa when Nelson Mandela passes.

Pass an ordinance saying it is OK to break someone’s window when animals are inside in the summer. Problem solved.

Regarding passing cars: When someone pulls way over to the right shoulder so that I can’t see him in my rearview mirror, I pull back into the right lane when I can see the entire front of the vehicle in my right-side mirror.

Regarding the condemnation of Paula Deen for having used the N-word: Can anyone over the age of 40 honestly say that they have never uttered the N-word once in their life? I didn’t think so.

During her Matt Lauer interview, Deen’s sniffling, emotional breakdown (minus any tears) did nothing to bolster her credibility. She came across as profoundly disingenuous.

I’m sure Paula Deen getting fired is no big deal. She’s already filthy rich.

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