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June 28, 2013

Opinion Line (June 28)

I thought my job was busy, but it is nothing compared with Edward Snowden’s travel agent.

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I thought my job was busy, but it is nothing compared with Edward Snowden’s travel agent.

Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia appears to be the angriest guy on the planet. I guess it is hard to be happy when you are on the wrong side of every major social issue.

Obviously, the next thing to do is reinstate the Voting Rights Act rules, but for all states.

I have the same problem with baseball and politics. There’s no limit to what the big teams can spend for players, and there’s no limit on what the rich can spend electing the candidates they want. Neither is fair.

I don’t know why all the meetings were held concerning closing Southeast High School or building a new one. It was a done deal when the land was bought out at 127th Street East and Pawnee.

Hooray for Southeast High getting to join the 21st century with a completely new facility. My kids always felt bad for them playing sports.

I think the school board knew from the get-go that it was going to close Southeast. Did anyone really think the wealthier people out east weren’t going to prevail over the poor and minority people in my neighborhood?

I guess I will never understand why proving one is an American citizen before one is allowed to vote is a bad thing.

Those state agencies that want to move out of the city-owned building must think city officials have “stupid” written on their foreheads. They are going to wind up in some “Brownbacker’s” property, pouring lease money into GOP pockets.

Who is the creator of the universe and mankind, and why is “Creator” capitalized in the Declaration of Independence? This has to be an endless nightmare for progressives.

I am in my mid-70s and still love fireworks as much as I did when I was a kid. When I go to sleep listening to fireworks, I smile, thinking “the sound of freedom.”

With all the non-Mensa members shooting off fireworks into uncut, timber-dry wheat fields, it’s going to be an interesting Fourth of July.

Why do the media refer to a 62- or 100-year-old person as “elderly”? Some may not consider a 62-year-old to be elderly, and we are all pretty sure someone nearly 100 is elderly. We don’t need the redundancy. I am waiting to hear about a 45-year-old middle-aged man in the news.

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