Opinion Line Extra (June 25)

06/25/2013 10:55 AM

06/24/2013 6:05 PM

It’s high time the American people stood up and told politicians like Sens. John McCain and Lindsay Graham that we don’t want another war, such as in Syria. We are sick and tired of maiming and killing our young people so that people like them can be big shots.

How brainwashed are you? The new economy promotes misery.

Edward Snowden is not a criminal.

I believe Snowden is a hero. That’s what I call the transparency the government promised us.

Why should people who pay for the water they saturate their lawns with be criticized by those who don’t pay their bills?

I made going to the DMV a morning adventure by driving to Hutchinson. I arrived at 7:20 a.m. and was called to the counter at 8:20. Then I stopped in Yoder for breakfast. The only problem was that there was no public restroom at the office.

It’s that time of year again. Time for people to bellyache over others’ celebrating independence by shooting fireworks.

In recent letter writer said he had carried a concealed weapon for more than 20 years and has “had no reason to display it, much less use it.” What motivates a person to carry something around for 20 years that, by his own admission, he has never had to use?

Democrats didn’t like the reductions of the food-stamps program and conservative Republicans didn’t like continuing crop subsidies that go primarily to big business. Democrats want to give away your money and Republicans want to save some for you in the farm bill.

There is one word that describes the Republican National Committee, national Republican politicians and their political consultants. The word is “clueless.”

If you believe the IRS can limit your First Amendment rights or your natural right to property and the attainment of happiness, get ready. The Affordable Care Act will rock your life – not affordable for those who actually pay their own bills, and is not at all about health care.

Imagine the pleasant weather and the cheap energy the people of Kansas would enjoy if we lined our state’s border with enough of those mesmerizing wind turbines to slow the brutal Kansas winds to a gentle breeze.

Anyone who reads the Opinion Line knows that this community lacks in liberal arts education, and you want to reduce it further?

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