Opinion Line Extra (June 24)

06/24/2013 12:00 AM

06/21/2013 7:29 PM

With so much empty space around ICT, you’d think the air terminal designers could have come up with a plan that didn’t cause so much disruption to existing operations. Compared with those in other cities our size, the movers and shakers in Wichita act like a bunch of small-thinking Munchkins.

I am new in Wichita and the greatest disappointment is the libraries, or lack thereof. A closet in a grocery store does not a library make.

Should we laugh at God? Why not? He definitely has a sense of humor. After all, He created us.

The rich bend the rules.

What would it take to get rid of our state’s embarrassment, Kris Kobach?

No matter how many rabbits Sam Brownback pulls out of the hat, his magic show is already being shown for the fraud it is. And like any shady carnival barker, he will soon leave us in the middle of night. Only much later will we discover the extent of the damage.

When Brownback’s tax experiment fails, and you know it will, will he and the members of the Kansas Legislature who voted for it resign?

It has been said you don’t go to a gunfight armed with a knife. Methinks we don’t need to go to a meeting on international strategy with a know-nothing former community organizer and professional monitor-reader.

Anything that does not sing the praises of President Obama is “divisive.”

The reason the fence won’t go up at the border is that Obama doesn’t have any buddies in the fence industry.

Most important of all, we do not need another George W. Bush war.

I just came out of the closet as a heterosexual. Now I want all the gay people to adore me for doing so.

I seldom hear small children acting out very badly in restaurants. I do, however, hear adults talking so loudly that one cannot carry on a conversation, or music so loud you can’t hear you waiter. Maybe we all need to look at how we act in public before we complain about others.

I’m completely baffled as to why the turtles insist on crossing the road.

Stray cats are taking over our homes in the neighborhood. The spraying of urine on your house makes you want to leave. But I guess they haven’t sprayed the right house yet for us to get a cat leash law that can be enforced.

I look forward to the “Mystery Detectives” show when the kid in the Cox commercials kills his dad. Hopefully dad will be using the camera when it happens.

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