Opinion Line (June 23)

06/23/2013 12:00 AM

06/21/2013 6:06 PM

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NSA spying, IRS scandals, FBI drones. Gee, Ted Kaczynski doesn’t look like a nutcase anymore, does he?

A Social Security number, driver’s license, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, e-mails, reality confession shows, etc., and you’re worried about a little NSA surveillance on your phone lines? Since when did you think you had any real privacy?

How about a little more profiling, a little less political correctness, and a little less looking at all of us?

My support and confidence in Rep. Mike Pompeo have been severely shaken by his support of the NSA surveillance program, which violates our Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

When President Obama needed the Navy SEALs to kill Osama bin Laden, they delivered. When the Navy SEALs needed President Obama in Benghazi, he failed to deliver.

Have you ever noticed that most liberals will eat raw fish but insist that their beef be cooked well-done?

The school board needs to have regular drug screening. They keep having illusions that Southeast High School needs to be closed instead of repaired, and they think money grows on trees.

How about a do-over? I never would have voted for the bond issue if I’d known Southeast would be moved and that the new northeast high school would be used for a magnet school instead of a neighborhood high school.

How can Southeast be such a wreck that it is not usable for a high school when much-older North and East high schools are still in use with full classrooms and no complaints? Save the bond money for other needs and renovate Southeast.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s cockamamie ideas to attract new people and business to Kansas are causing me to seriously consider leaving the state. The last straw may be guns everywhere, including pistol-packin’ teachers in underfunded schools.

Chutzpah defined: A man convicted of killing his parents asks the judge for leniency because he is an orphan. Chutzpah perfected: The wife of Sen. Jerry Moran, appointed to the Kansas Board of Regents by Brownback, criticizes the Republican-controlled Legislature for budget cuts that led to steep tuition increases at state universities.

If the meat-cleaver cuts to vital programs promoted and permitted by conservative Republicans are having severe effects on you personally, blame them and campaign against their re-election.

Any bill that allows border-jumping lawbreakers to gain citizenship is amnesty. Deport them all. Start over.

It won’t be long and you will hear: “For English, press two.”

Kellogg is Wichita’s thrill ride.

It’s that time again: illegal mortar shells bursting with flames and noise over my dry house and yard at random times during the night and day, dogs cowering under the bed to avoid the noise, the city talking about how dangerous it is. Life is good.

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