Opinion Line (June 24)

06/24/2013 12:00 AM

06/21/2013 5:35 PM

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Now that WSU has hired Todd Butler as the new baseball coach and with two great basketball programs in place – with the teams thumping the chumps of the Missouri Valley – it’s time for athletic director Eric Sexton to focus on moving them to a new, stronger conference.

Gas prices are high, grocery prices skyrocket, long lines to get a driver’s license renewed. Does government care? I think not. It seems to me the small man and his family are suffering. Does this remind you of czars and kings ruling over a kingdom?

Hey, Arizona, how do you like Kris Kobach now? Even Justice Antonin Scalia wouldn’t buy Kobach’s snake oil.

It’s about time the city cracked down on copper thefts. This should have been done a long time ago.

People should be taxed for using too much water. My neighbors water for at least an hour a day, even if it’s raining or they already have puddles surrounding their yard.

Those who water their lawns after 8 a.m. this time of year should receive large fines. They are wasting water, if for no other reason than evaporation.

I have two children, both KU graduates who have moved out of Kansas. Both tell me they want to live in a state that values education and respects them as members of the middle class.

The state has gone from providing 75 percent of universities’ funding in the 1970s to a lousy 22 percent now. How shortsighted. I guess the governor can’t grasp the fact that if his young citizens graduate with massive debt, they cannot begin to buy the things – houses, cars, etc. – that truly stimulate an economy.

To save on college costs, let’s eliminate the courses that the students should have taken in high school, such as English composition, speech, etc. Liberal arts professors’ jobs could be reduced.

Thank you, Wichita Festivals, for turning things around and making for a really good time for everyone at Riverfest. Where else can you find a bargain like $5 for nine days of concerts? I’m looking forward to next year.

While sorting through bags of grapes at the grocery store to pick the ones that suited me, I was chastised by another shopper. She told me several times I wasn’t “allowed” to do that. Huh? Maybe she should have alerted the grape police and had me arrested.

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