Opinion Line (June 22)

06/22/2013 12:00 AM

06/21/2013 5:26 PM

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As a provider, I can tell you that KanCare (Medicaid) is a mess. At some point, Gov. Sam Brownback will tout how he’s saving the state money. It’s easy to save money when you refuse or deny payments on the most basic needs.

I find it ridiculous that you have to get to the driver’s license station by 6 a.m. to be 20th in line. Some people are told to come back the next day. What is going on in Kansas that has caused this to spiral out of control?

What does it take for an applicant to get an update from you employers? I’m looking at you, city of Wichita. As for private businesses that don’t even acknowledge someone’s effort – word does get around.

The social pecking order is nearing meltdown as more people rely on “little or no cost to you” miracles such as self-lubricating catheters and mobility devices or pursue the American dream by suing doctors, drug companies or the “other driver.” This imbalance of taxpayers and freeloaders could topple the cart.

Freedom isn’t free and neither is free stuff.

I’m an old white man who has always paid attention to our leaders. Barack Obama has impressed me as much as or more than any I’ve seen. If he had received just a little cooperation from Republicans, I think he could have done so much more to help the country.

We want government that protects the American people, not the type that harasses us and intrudes in every facet of our lives, as the current administration is doing. Big Brother does not know best.

Rep. Mike Pompeo decried the lack of condemnation of Islamic terrorists by people who follow that religion. I concur. However, how many full-page letters has Pompeo written to condemn the hate-filled, unpatriotic Westboro gang?

As an elected official representing Kansas, Kris Kobach has a duty to listen to the concerns voiced by those who elected him. When he sticks his fingers in his ears, all Kansans pay the price. Arrogance and ignorance are evident when the only voice you listen to is your own.

Our out-of-town guests now understand why we are called country hicks, because of the ball caps that are worn in restaurants.

Can no one in this town make decent chili cheese fries?

Has anyone else had the experience I had recently at a QuikTrip gas pump? When I tried to shut it off at a certain amount, it kept going like it had a mind of its own.

Eyeball licking? God, help us.

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