Opinion Line (June 21)

06/21/2013 12:00 AM

06/20/2013 6:24 PM

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If it was bad to force legislation when the Democrats controlled the U.S. House, it is equally bad to force legislation when the Republicans do. All Americans benefit when neither Democrats nor Republicans get all they want. Compromise is good.

The media should stop promoting candidates for national office. Sen. Marco Rubio is nothing more than a pretty boy lightweight, but his face is all over cable news. America needs conscientious, intellectual statesmen willing to serve out of a sense of duty, not hyperambitious, self-serving special-interest politicians.

I see it was 96 degrees in Alaska the other day – the hottest temperature ever recorded there. But the Republicans keep telling us that there is no climate change, so I’m sure we’ll be fine.

IRS workers are getting $70 million in bonuses. Apparently voter suppression pays well.

Women in combat? How ridiculous. God did not create women to be warriors. Nor did he create men to give birth. Surely the military can find other kinds of training programs to spend money for.

Allowing women to serve in the elite military units will place undue cost onto our nation’s military. Less than 1 percent of the women who apply will make it. This will take away slots for men who are more qualified and able to make it.

I am a law-abiding citizen annoyed by NRA-backed gun promoters trying to bully their way into getting guns into all kinds of public buildings regardless of the cost and harm that will produce.

It could cost as much as $560,000 a year to bus students to a new Southeast High at 127th Street East and Pawnee, which is near the Butler County line. Our tax dollars will be spent on getting most students to and from a building most taxpayers don’t even want.

Why do west Wichita and Derby get new Walmart and Menards stores, but south Wichita, such as at 47th Street South and Broadway, just gets a new intersection and a parking lot?

Good chemists never die. They reach equilibrium. The passing of Erach Talaty is a major loss for Wichita State’s chemistry department, as well as the organic chemistry community. May he always be remembered. Go, Shockers.

I want to thank Watermark Books and WSU for bringing Khaled Hosseini to Wichita. He was a very interesting speaker, and the event was well-organized.

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