Opinion Line Extra (June 20)

06/20/2013 12:00 AM

06/19/2013 5:37 PM

I think the baseball Shocks can do better than an Arkansas assistant. What happened to all the highly qualified former Shockers? Todd Butler will likely use WSU as a two- or three-year stepping-stone. No doubt we needed a new athletic director more than a new baseball coach.

The new $50 charge for short-term parking at Mid-Continent Airport (for anybody who parks there for more than four hours) is just one more reason to never fly in or out of Wichita.

Democrats have been forced to admit their proposed amnesty bill will increase government spending by making more people eligible for refundable tax credits, child tax credits, food stamps, housing allowances and health insurance subsidies. How all this is good for America is not explained.

The only “immigration” bill worth its salt will include massive deportation. Do not reward criminals.

Plan B doesn’t end a pregnancy. The primary mechanism is to prevent fertilization by inhibition of ovulation.

So when can I expect more money to trickle down to me?

How does Attorney General Eric Holder get away with all this, and President Obama by association? Where’s law and order?

The Taliban just sent a message to Obama about how serious they are about his negotiations. They killed more troops. He won’t get it.

Just think of all the votes bought with those free Obamaphones using your tax money.

I see the media are stupid enough to give that traitor Edward Snowden all of the free publicity he was looking for.

The U.S. government needs to start monitoring my ex-wife’s phone and Internet use.

Even though the GOP has tried its best to hinder our president, the country is thriving and continues to do so. If only the GOP cooperated and worked with our president, can you imagine where the country would be now?

If Obama and the Democrats can boldly lie about how everything is getting better (and they have been doing that), then why can’t Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle do the same while promoting the state? Could it simply be your personal hatred of her party affiliation showing?

Rolling Stone is right: Kansas is once again the laughingstock of the country. But laughing or no, does Gov. Sam Brownback not realize his tax policies are not only wrongheaded but immoral? You don’t overtax one citizen so you can tax-exempt another, no matter what Arthur Laffer says.

Anyone who is influenced by the drivel in Rolling Stone magazine, whether it be politically, ideologically or in any other fashion, is someone who is not worth the effort it would take to debate.

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