Opinion Line Extra (June 19)

06/19/2013 12:00 AM

06/18/2013 5:44 PM

Senate President Susan Wagle thinks Kansas is on the road to prosperity after the latest legislative session. She must be living in never-never land, because she is obviously not in Kansas anymore.

Wagle wrote that the Legislature has “set Kansas on a path to prosperity” (June 9 Opinion). Really? Well, the rhetoric rings hollow. The real proof is in the pudding. Kansans have yet to see, let alone taste, even one spoonful of that “prosperity” pudding.

Read the Republican pipe dream written by Wagle, then go right above it to read the truth written by Wichita State University professor H. Edward Flentje (June 9 Opinion). It’s interesting to note that everyone recognizes reality except this Republican administration.

The Kansas Legislature doesn’t want to pay anymore money to poor people, but the best way to lift folks out of poverty is through education. Kids should not have to pay for their parents’ inability to provide with their lives.

If natural gas is getting cheaper and cheaper, and if it’s cleaner to burn, why build a coal-fired power plant?

Big Brother is watching and listening. And he’s not going to stop.

I don’t understand the uproar about the NSA looking at phone call metadata. I presume all sorts of corporate marketing groups are sifting the same records for similar patterns to better plan marketing and infrastructure needs. Big Brother is watching you. It’s just not the government. It’s big telecom.

No Constitution, no borders, no guns, no more USA.

I don’t think a couple of IRS employees went rogue in Cincinnati. I think there is a rogue in the White House, running a rogue administration.

Progressives are more than happy to lie about problems, to luxuriate in calumny, and to indulge in sloganeering, while it takes active intellectual engagement to understand real problems. Per instructions, follow the hard narrow path.

If our Founding Fathers believed in separation of church and state, they would have included it in our Constitution.

If the Republicans and Democrats would stop bashing each other, maybe we could get some business done.

No one can be said to be generous, no matter how much they have given, if they still have a billion dollars.

Is the wind turbine at Hartman Arena just for decoration? It is never in operation.

I think it’s time I run for mayor. Before you go digging dirt up on me, I will tell you myself: I am divorced and unemployed, with some minor health issues.

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