Opinion Line (June 19)

06/19/2013 12:00 AM

06/18/2013 5:44 PM

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Father’s Day reminded us that no government program has effectively replaced fathers in America, to the chagrin of feminists. Single mothers and even two mommies can’t beat the nuclear family for nurturing children.

The media are concerned about democracy in Turkey, but it’s no problem when President Obama thwarts democracy in our country.

Gov. Sam Brownback believes his tax plan is Utopian? What a delusion. The governor’s actions allow my husband to pay no business taxes because he is a sole proprietor. We are older, with no kids at home and no reason not to be taxed. Brownback punishes the middle class and poor.

I wish the state would exempt all legislators from a state retirement. Then we would find out who is in it for the sake of Kansas or a public pension. To most of our legislators: Pay your Social Security and retire like most of your constituents do.

Welcome, coach Todd Butler, to Wichita State University as the new head baseball coach of the Shockers. Your new leadership will be accepted by the vast majority of Shocker fans, as it is badly needed. Go, Shox.

Go back to individual parking meters at Century II. Apparently no one thought about what would happen before performances – long lines to pay, and the machines are too few and don’t work well. There were lots of angry people at Music Theatre of Wichita last week.

With all the apartments and condos in the downtown area, it’s surprising that Dillons or Walmart hasn’t put a grocery store in the heart of our great city.

The sponsors of the Air Capital Classic should consider redirecting their contributions to something other than enabling the drunks on the 17th hole. How sad that the focus of the tournament was on how much vodka was served.

I wonder how many of those big-shot drunks driving home from Crestview Country Club got busted by police.

Like a feather floating about on but a whisper of a breeze was the 2013 Symphony in the Flint Hills.

Please don’t bring your toddlers to the hospital and expect employees to watch them while you visit patients in the ICU. We are not babysitters, and you are not a responsible parent to want to leave your child with a stranger.

Ever notice how weddings bring out the best and worst in people?

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