Opinion Line Extra (June 18)

06/17/2013 6:42 PM

06/17/2013 6:42 PM

How much longer are you Obama lovers going to let him poke you in the eye with a stick before you get the message he is no good for the country? Do you like all the scandals? Would Republicans get away with what Obama has done these past few months?

The media have put Republicans in a position where they feel the need to explain why illegal immigrants should have to pay taxes for the years they were in the U.S. Other people who lived here have to pay taxes. Why shouldn’t everyone who lived here have to pay taxes?

If Sen. John McCain wants to run U.S. foreign policy, he should get elected president or appointed secretary of state.

I am sure glad the country fans get all the shows they can handle at Intrust Bank Arena. I just hit the shows up in Kansas City, Mo., at the Sprint Center, the Midland Theatre and the Starlight Theatre. And I spend lots of money up there going out to eat and shopping.

So now LLCs no longer pay income taxes. Guess how many LLCs Koch Industries has? How many of its companies were converted to LLCs after Gov. Sam Brownback decided the next tax winners (not the middle class or poor). This is not what Jesus would do.

Big corporations look at more than just tax giveaways to relocate. They want a literate, educated workforce, reasonable cost of living for their workers and management, and good schools to provide future growth.

There is no “war on Christians” or Christianity by the “liberals,” regardless of what some people may wish you to believe. What is being exposed by free-thinking people are the hypocrisy and lies being spread as “truths” by some members within the faith.

I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with having a bumper sticker that says, “I’m Catholic and I vote.” Isn’t it simply stating how the driver might lean politically? Lots of bumper stickers do that.

Don’t you know every time you click on your computer, information is collected on every facet of your life by someone? Social Security numbers and bank and credit-card account information have been secured and sold dozens of times by your Internet provider. Better to stop terrorists than steal your money.

Edward Snowden is nothing but a latter-day Benedict Arnold. He deserves life in prison.

My home insurance goes up around $200 a year because of the idiots who build homes in areas with high risk of fire, flood, etc. They should be the ones who have to pay more for building on a cliff or in stupid areas.

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