Opinion Line Extra (June 15)

06/15/2013 12:00 AM

06/14/2013 7:24 PM

If you do not want to be discriminated against in the near future because English is still your first language and you haven’t learned enough Spanish to be able to shop comfortably at Walmart or many other places, then you’d better speak up and act now.

Regarding a comment about gang arrests in Garden City: In every ethnic group, there is a small percentage of people who violate the law. To characterize an entire group based upon the alleged wrongdoing of those people shows ignorance and racism. What a pity to go through life angry, jealous and insecure.

For years, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank ferociously promoted the failed policies of Fannie Mae, which plunged the American economy into a near depression. The housing market imploded because our government forced granting loans to irresponsible borrowers. Shame on voters for allowing this disaster.

America has too few Dr. Phils and far too many guns and NRA followers and promoters.

If the first family were going on a multimillion-dollar safari, it would be a hard pill for most of us who are struggling. Don’t they see how bad it makes them look for even bringing it up? How out of touch and arrogant our president is.

The demands on our wealth, on our labor and on our liberty will never end until the “idea” of social justice is consigned to the dustbin of history.

Syria’s government is accusing Obama of lying about its use of chemical weapons. Really? Gee, he’s always been so “transparent” and – what’s the word I’m looking for? – honest with the citizens of the U.S.

Our first 90-degree day occurred later than usual. Our first 100-degree day came earlier than usual. It is foolish to draw any conclusions about the reality of global climate change based on the weather in one’s backyard on any particular day, especially here in Kansas.

Big debt for college, little money for arts, more taxes for the poor, little or none for the wealthy. Brownback thinks that’s the best way to raise a family. Sure, if that family is living in a household that files as a Subchapter S corporation. Other families are left twisting in the Kansas wind.

An assault weapon might be my pencil, if I choose to stab you in the face with it.

The national press are salivating over Rupert Murdoch’s divorce. I wonder if they would like a little mustard with their relish.

Richard Crowson’s next editorial cartoon should feature the Wichita City Council playing fiddles by a downtown fountain while the rest of Doo-Dah burns up in the drought. How quickly council members lose touch with real people once the elections are complete.

Unfortunately, WSU can’t afford another Gregg Marshall type to be its next baseball coach.

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