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June 16, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (June 16)

I’m all for saving Wichita Southeast High School. No remodels. No rebuilds. No taxpayer money wasted.

I’m all for saving Wichita Southeast High School. No remodels. No rebuilds. No taxpayer money wasted.

The new ordinance against camping on public property is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt by the City Council to keep people it considers undesirable away from its precious downtown. It has nothing to do with helping the homeless, as the city claims.

If our City Council had any foresight, it would pay to synchronize the traffic lights wherever possible. That would reduce wear and tear on the city streets, save fuel in city vehicles (and all vehicles) and reduce ozone levels. Why can’t council members figure this out?

Please do not stop watering my golf course. I like I nice and pretty green. You just have to go thirsty. My golf is more important than your lives. You people will just have to pay more to pump water underground for them to spray water on the golf course.

If I put a sprinkler in a washtub, put it in my yard and call it a fountain, do I get free water, too?

It should be obvious to the most casual observer that Susan Wagle is running for governor and Sam Brownback is running for vice president, if not president. God save Kansas. God save America from this tragedy.

If you need your preacher to tell you which candidate is morally superior, you are morally empty. Any church whose “shepherd” is preaching politics needs to pay taxes.

Yes, it’s the liberal president like we have now who will be the one to spy on you.

One reader bet that Obama will come out as Muslim after 2016. That seems quite unlikely, given that Obama is a Christian. But please remember there is nothing wrong with being Muslim. Thankfully, our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and respects the rights of all people to practice any faith.

The fools in Congress who couldn’t manage a lemonade stand are touting a health care program that has no possible way to work. Get ready – this thing will impact, and negatively, every taxpaying American.

Chalk up one more government boondoggle. Now the FHA, which runs the “government-managed” reverse mortgage program, says it will lose $5 billion this year. Are you sure you want this government to run our health care program?

Can anyone explain why gas is $3.37 a gallon in Salina and $3.55 in Wichita? What do you say, QuikTrip and Dillons?

Riverfest was better this year, but one thing never changes: the idiots circling outside of the barriers, demanding someone pay attention to them. Their methods are always the same – blaring one-note stereos and motorcycles that sound like farm machinery. They’re so mentally numb that they never notice that nobody cares.

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