Opinion Line (June 16)

06/16/2013 12:00 AM

06/14/2013 6:33 PM

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I notified the phone company that is has been billing me incorrectly. I’ve been paying for a private line. But since the government is listening, I have and should only be paying for a party line.

No one was complaining about surveillance cameras when they enabled us to catch the Boston bombers in a matter of days.

If laws can be unconstitutional, any law prohibiting whistle-blowing on unconstitutional activities surely is one of the best examples. The NSA gestapo should be going to the gulag, not Edward Snowden.

The liberals continue to exploit the Sandy Hook massacre for their long-term goal: total gun control. They are more concerned with abolishing our Second Amendment rights and freedoms than fighting crime and prosecuting criminals.

How do I declare my lawn a decorative fountain so I can water it extensively? To not do so will damage my neighborhood image in terms of quality of life and vibrancy.

Vice Mayor Pete Meitzner thinks the city’s quality of life and image suffer by shutting off the decorative fountains? What will our quality of life and image be with water rationing and sky-high rates? We need city leaders who will take responsibility and make tough choices. This isn’t one.

With all the new businesses flocking to Kansas because of Gov. Sam Brownback’s redistribution of tax policies, can the city of Wichita now stop giving loans and tax abatements and creating TIF districts to keep or draw business to our little tax-free paradise?

Thanks, Wichita, for saving the Edgemoor swimming pool. It opened when I was a kid in the 1960s. We need a nice water park in Wichita that you don’t have to belong to.

Thanks to Sedgwick County Commissioners Jim Skelton, Dave Unruh and Tim Norton for raising our taxes. Yes, the solid-waste fee is a tax.

I’m a 64-year-old single Republican with no kids and I want the schools adequately funded, even if it means increasing taxes.

People who claim the Bible is irrelevant today must not have read one while in emotional or physical pain.

The family members of Vashti Seacat were extraordinarily gracious to the Seacat family after Brett Seacat was found guilty of first-degree murder. We should all learn from them.

How sad that Vashti Seacat has now officially joined the 1,600 women murdered every year in this country by their husbands or boyfriends. Proving once more that the most dangerous words a woman can utter are “I want a divorce” or “I’m leaving you.”

For a window of insight into the character of an individual, just observe how he interacts with those who serve him in restaurants and retail stores. People with no class behave with no class.

Good books are rare.

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