Opinion Line (June 17)

06/17/2013 12:00 AM

06/14/2013 5:48 PM

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Kansans pay the second-highest state sales tax in the nation on groceries. Let’s eliminate this tax so all Kansans can benefit.

Talk about federal intrusion in our lives. State government passed a seat belt law yet motorcyclists ride without a helmet. I’m smart enough to turn on the windshield wipers but have to be told to turn on the headlights.

Has anyone else had problems with rising apartment rents? Is it legal for apartment management to break lease agreements to raise rates multiple times in a year?

Doesn’t President Obama know that the Syrian rebels are criminals? Giving them aid is like supplying the Boston bombers.

We don’t need another Truman war.

When Obama spoke of transparency while running for president, he wasn’t talking about his administration. He was referring to our e-mails, phone calls and tax returns.

The same cellphone that people rely on as their only lifeline will be the tool that ends up being their demise.

Millions are rightly outraged at governmental snooping into e-mails of U.S. citizens. E-mail privacy should be protected by laws that cover wiretapping and mail tampering. Those laws also should be applied to private citizens who snoop into the e-mails of other private citizens. Technology surely exists to identify snoopers.

If this had happened during the Bush administration, every conservative talking head in the country would be screaming for Edward Snowden’s execution for treason.

I believe Obama is an excellent president. Hillary Clinton will be an even better one when she is elected in 2016.

Regarding a comment about gang arrests in Garden City: Hispanic does not mean undocumented. Gangs of New York were Irish and other ethnicities. The Ku Klux Klan was a white gang sanctioned by local law enforcement. Thank goodness the 30-plus were arrested, because gangs harm every ethnic group.

Dear impatient customers: If cashiers went faster, you’d then complain about being rushed and having your purchases bagged “incorrectly.” Just smile and be thankful that at least one of us gets paid a living wage.

To the person who paid my bill at Panera in Derby: You have no idea what a rough morning I was having. Thanks for bringing a little sunshine into my day. I’ll be paying it forward.

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